TuYa TS601 – the thermostat does not close on reaching the desired temperature

  1. Press the Home symbol (:house:) for about 5 seconds (until the symbol lights up).
  2. Release the Home symbol (:house:) and press it again for about 10 seconds
  3. Now you are in the settings and the ( :repeat:) symbol flashes
  4. Press the (+) symbol until the number 4 lights up and the (SET) symbol flashes.
  5. Confirm by simply pressing the Home Symbol (:house:).
  6. Press the Home Symbol (:house:) about 10 times until you see the letter “A” to the right. Below should no blink a “0”.
  7. Press the Plus symbol (+)
  8. Now a “1” should flash
  9. Confirm by simply press the Home Symbol (:house:).

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