Syslog – sending in log data to graylog

We have the central log server on the graylog. It’s time to feed the server with information.

1. install syslog

yum install syslog-ng

2. and config it

vi /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf
options {
    flush_lines (0);
    time_reopen (10);
    log_fifo_size (1000);
    chain_hostnames (off);
    use_dns (yes);
    use_fqdn (no);
    create_dirs (no);
    keep_hostname (yes);
destination d_graylog {
    syslog("graylog.local.test" port(514));

or config rsyslog:

vi /etc/rsyslog.conf
*.* @@graylog.local.test:514

3. enable and start services

systemctl enable syslog-ng
systemctl start syslog-ng


systemctl restart rsyslog

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