Mikrotik – set DHCP Server addressing

1. create the LAN addressing

/ip dhcp-server network add address= gateway= dns-server= domain=krai.local

2. set the router IP address

/ip address set 0 address= comment="" network= interface=bridge

.3. now the router is deaf – set on the computer network card static ip address from dhcp-server pool (like and connect to the router address

ssh root@ -p 2222

4. remove the old addressing

/ip dhcp-server network remove 1
/ip dhcp-server set 0 name=LAN

5. set the pool of addressing

/ip pool set 0 name=LAN ranges=

6.1. client’s static dhcp – list it

/ip dhcp-server lease print

6.2. set the client static address

/ip dhcp-server lease set 0 address=

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